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St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has been organizing the Decorators’ Show House & Gardens in Indianapolis each spring for the past 56 years.  They have showcased scores of homes in the Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington areas as well as in other prominent areas of the city.  They have helped beautify and bring to new life many grand historical residences. Because of the historical significance and outstanding residential architecture of homes in the Old Northside Historic District neighborhood, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild would be very interested in investigating the possibility of having the 2018 Decorators’ Show House & Gardens in the area. 

Their procedure is to contract with a homeowner to have the city’s top interior and landscape designers transform their home into a showcase of beautiful rooms and garden areas.  They then open the house to the public during the last week of April with our closing day being Mothers Day.  After the run of the show all furniture and accessories are removed, leaving the homeowner with a thoroughly clean and freshly painted home.  Should the homeowner be interested, the option to purchase items at a negotiated price does exist.  Their goal is always a win-win outcome for homeowner, guild, and Eskenazi Health.


If interested, they would meet with a prospective homeowner and supply in-depth information about procedures and costs and would answer any and all homeowner questions.  At this point they are looking for homeowners who might possibly be in a position to benefit from partnering with them as a show house homeowner.  Many times long term residents would like to have their home updated and renewed; other times a new resident would like to enhance and modernize their newly purchased home.  They typically look for larger homes with two staircases.


St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is a non-profit all volunteer organization that has been in existence since 1907.  All of the money raised from their show houses is donated to the programs and services of Eskenazi Health in its quest to provide top notch medical care for all, including the poor and under served people of Indianapolis.  Over the years they have donated over $12,000,000 to Wishard Hospital and now Eskenazi Health.

 If interested, please contact president@oldnorthside.org

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