Remembering a Great Man – John Iozzo

  • August 01, 2022 10:44 AM
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    Written by: Emily D, Old Northside Resident

    On June 10th,2022, an Old Northside trailblazer, John Iozzo, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Those who knew John would describe him as charismatic, enthusiastic, and always choosing to look on the bright side of life. As the saying goes, “It’s always sunny in Iozzo-land!” His open-door policy was as sincere as they come, often sharing all he had with neighbors and friends alike. He was heavily involved in the neighborhood, advocating for the many improvements we enjoy today. His passion for the ONS was evident in his jubilant personality at many events while always offering a helping hand.

     John was a member of the Old Northside Foundation, Indiana Landmarks Preservation Organization, and the Old Northside Knights of Columbus. In addition to his dedication to the neighborhood, he always brought flare with his quick-witted one-liners and talent on the bass guitar. He was a part of the Easy Street Band and the Indy Nile Band.  Most importantly, John was a wonderful father to his “Fab 4”, Elizabeth, Virginia, Christine, and Meredith, and a loving husband to his wife, Diana.

    Given John’s resounding positive impact on this neighborhood and the surrounding community, many neighbors reached out to share condolences and memories.  A few of the highlights are below:

    Robert Newport- His diction, delivery, and wit always impressed me, but he was a humble man and never came off pretentious despite having good reason to be. His spirit is humor, compassion, community, and a richness of knowledge that always delighted and intrigued his guests…at least it did me! The world is a little less colorful, a little less playful, a little less entertaining now that John is gone, but I’m so blessed that I knew him.  It’s reassuring knowing that through his wonderful daughters and wife, and anyone lucky enough to be touched by him, his spirit will indeed live on. Love you, John, see you on the other side! May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace.”

    Cindy and Rick Patton- John Iozzo was a great neighbor and friend who always made me feel welcome in his home. Over the years and many ONS projects, he was always there to plant trees, do neighborhood cleanups, and volunteer his band for parties.  He always had a beautiful tan, wore a big smile, loved his family, and offered everyone a beer. He loved the ONS with all his heart.”

    Beth Pappas- “ He would always say Welcome to my humble abode; poor folks have poor ways referring to him as a joke.” 

    Pat McGuffey-“I don’t think I ever met anyone that was a more welcoming person. He and Diana wanted to share everything they had with all. We had an open invitation to use their pool and come to all their fun gatherings. When my family attended John’s 70th birthday celebration, we were amazed at how well he could sing and play the guitar. He was a sweet and talented man!”

    John Hammond -“John Iozzo was an Old Northside pioneer who saw the neighborhood’s potential when few else did; he bet everything he had on restoring our neighborhood to its historic glory, paving the way for all of us.  There was no truer friend and no greater neighbor than John. He was well-read and a well-dressed man with a sartorial flair bent to the preppy side of fashion, penny loafers and shotgun belt always present. He was our next-door neighbor who brought fun, or as he would say, "Funaucity,” and music to every endeavor. John Iozzo was an optimist, finding the best in everything and everyone. He will be sorely missed, and the warmth of his charm, wit, kindness, love, and musical gifts will forever endure in our memories.”

    One final parting sentiment on behalf of all the lives John has touched, we will all greatly miss his hospitality and undeniable charm.  Let us keep his spirit alive and well in the ONS by gathering at community events, passing along the friendly wave, and slowing down our day-to-day lives to enjoy the neighborhood John deeply loved. He will forever be missed.

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