Whispers of Yesteryear: 1441 Alabama St -- The Tall House

  • May 04, 2022 9:22 AM
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    Submitted by: Murphy Hendy, Realtor

    The magic of the past sings poetically through the rooftops and tree canopies of downtown's Old Northside, painting the grounded historic streets with an ominous yet strangely familiar haunt from yesteryear. What do you get when you mix a Landscape Architect + Urban Planner & an Elementary Teacher + Sports Injury Recovery Advocate...with a dash of southern travelling, ultra intuitive instincts, and crazy-good timing? You get 1441 Alabama St, that's what! Let's drop-by the iconic 'tall house' and stare-up in awe as we enjoy the work of our talented friends and neighbors, Kevin & Monica: celebrating 24 years as proud ONS residents this year!

    1441 Alabama St was born as the result of many beloved trips the couple would come to enjoy over the years to their favorite destination-of-choice: Seaside, FL. This small & idyllic Gulf town (just NW of Panama City in Florida's panhandle) is wildly known for its famed 20th century "New Urbanist" design, so it's easy to understand why these two were so captivated by this archetypal aesthetic over the years! Quick fun fact before we dive-in: Seaside provided the filming location for "The Truman Show" in 1998; featuring the town's famous pastel facades, which now exemplify the iconic architecture of the area. Kevin and Monica became highly inspired by the work of a very known architect there, Leon Krier, after a midday tour through one of Krier's Seaside homes in 1996 (on a street much like our Alabama St). They left feeling incredibly moved and creatively pulled to bringing this inspiration back to Indianapolis, where they would hope to initiate the dream somewhere downtown eventually. Little did they know this dream would come to reside at 1441 Alabama St (after the couple engaged in a hurried bidding war on the then-vacant lot and ultimately became the lot's lucky new owners)! We can all thank Monica's childhood friend and neighbor for the day Monica discovered the 'For Sale' sign on the bare lot upon their return from Seaside - she was in the ONS visiting this dear friend just a few homes north - if that's not serendipity? The rest is history! As lovers of all things historic and aesthetically moving, Kevin and Monica admitted that they couldn't have selected a more quintessential plot of land to concoct their Seaside manifestation on. Building began in 1997 and was finished one year later. Though they acknowledge the initial allure was that they got to design and build their very own home on an incredibly ideal lot on one of Indy's most desirable blocks, today they celebrate the irreplaceable relationships they have molded with their treasured neighbors over the last 2.5 decades; all of whom have become bonafide members of their own family. What a wonderful thing they have all found together.

    Because the lot is rather narrow, the couple decided to build high rather than wide (they didn't want to sacrifice the entire outdoor space, understandably). There are 5 livable levels in this modern beach-inspired house, thanks to the now-finished basement the two have masterfully created in an effort to maximize living space while their lives would continue to evolve into the home throughout the years - but they didn't stop there! They have since erected a garage, enclosed 2 porches, reimagined a beautiful bedroom and bathroom, installed gorgeous custom built-in bookshelves, improved a 2nd level porch, and installed a stunning deck overlooking the beautiful backyard (which would later become one of Monica's favorite spots). Seaside meets The Old Northside - there's a certain 'ring' to it, yes?

    The ONS is lucky to have these two. Their shared vision following a 90's Seaside home tour (mixed with their incredible talents and abilities) make Kevin and Monica one amazing team! As beloved members of their ONS community (and beyond), these two have found their way into our hearts and our homes. Next time you're standing in-front of this high and handsome home, take another look at the front windows; they were designed to get progressively smaller as the height of the home grew. A fun and clever feature of this iconic Alabama St home. These two have never met a stranger, so if you haven't already caught them for an inviting morning chat on the sidewalk or an evening cocktail on the front porch, you're in for a real treat. Thank you, Kevin and Monica, for letting us enjoy your special story. 1441 Alabama St wouldn't be the same without you. A little piece of Seaside gets to exist here in downtown Indy, thanks to you both; and that's what makes our cherished ONS streets and homes so exhilarating to our eyes and our hearts.

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