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Farewell to the Cavells

  • August 25, 2020 10:54 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    April 01, 2019 12:00 AM

    For the last three years, we’ve enjoyed the company of some great neighbors. In spring 2016, Lisa and Clayton moved into 1226 Broadway Street. Lisa quickly got involved with the Old Northside Foundation, first as an honorary member and later as a board member. We lured her into joining by telling her it was just a great way to meet new neighbors, which is true, but you also have to do things, lots of things.

    And Lisa did lots of things. She spearheaded the first Plunder in Park fundraiser, which thanks to her, was a huge success, netting more than $12,000 for the Old Northside Foundation. She was instrumental in handling the repairs and bringing in new equipment for Shawn Grove Children’s Park. (So, next time your kid takes a ride on Gilbert the frog, you can thank Lisa). She showed up to nearly every planting in Great Oak Commons. She participated in every fundraising brunch. Lisa was a great asset to the Old Northside Foundation, and not just in terms of her contributions, but in her personality and character.

    While Clayton was not a member of the Old Northside Foundation, he might as well have been. If you knew Lisa and Clayton, you knew that if Lisa was tasked with something, Clayton was going to be helping in some way as well. And he graciously helped with a lot of things, from Plunder, to fundraising brunches, to plantings in Great Oak.

    But Lisa and Clayton weren’t just helpful, they were fun, and generous, and kind. And we’ll miss them, a lot. We wish them well in Napa, California. Don’t drink ALL the wine, guys.

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