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The Old Northside Neighborhood Association (ONSNA)

Our mission is to create a total urban community with a respect for the past.

We strive to build a community that blends an historic 19th century neighborhood with a commitment to create a vibrant, modern, and diverse future.

The Old Northside Neighborhood Association also represents the neighborhood's interests before governmental agencies, hosts social events, and facilitates neighborhood communication.


The Old Northside Neighborhood Association (ONSNA) holds member meetings the third Tuesday of each month. The member meetings are held at 7:00p.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church (1559 Central Avenue) with the board of directors meeting immediately following. The end of year celebration and voting occurs at the annual meeting held in early December.

Staying in Touch

In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor, we also have:

The Keyhole neighborhood newsletter is included in the Urban Times which is delivered monthly to each neighborhood household and can also be picked up at many retail locations in the Downtown area. If you aren't receiving a copy, please contact the Secretary.
Board of Directors TBD, President
TBD, Vice President
Jim Strain (2021-22), Secretary
Sally Cleveland (2021-22), Treasurer
Gwen Chastain (2021-22)

Maggie Denari (2021-22)

Cherí McDowell (2021-22)

Cris Pyle (2021-22)

Monica Bopp (2022-23)

Hilary Barnes (2022-23)

Joan Harvey (2022-23)

Sara Schmidt (2022-23)

Paul Wasson (2022-23)

ONSNA Bylaws

Meeting Minutes

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