In the Old Northside we are known for many things, but one we love to share is that of community. To keep spirits high and bring a little holiday light into the fast approaching winter season, we are looking to begin a new holiday tradition. A Winter Light in the Old Northside. Many people that live in our neighborhood love donning their homes and yards with holiday lights to bring joy to all during a gray Indiana season. To help encourage all our neighbors, we would like to make a holiday competition. On the evening of December 12th (Rescheduled date), we invite members of our community to take part in the lighting of the Old Northside.

For an additional sensory experience, this year we have worked with our local partners at Penn & Beech Candle Co. to create an Old Northside exclusive winter candle. Proceeds from the sales of the candle also go to the "a Winter light" event cause below.


The Old Northside Neighborhood parks, Shawn Grove and Great Oak Commons, require $27,000 to maintain each year. Because of you, our community is able to enjoy these beautiful parks. Our goal is to raise $3000 - $5000 through A WINTER LIGHT with your generous support.


The competition will be held for those living in the Old Northside. After you register to compete there are no restrictions on your submission other than it must help to light the neighborhood. This could mean that you plan to have all of your lights on in your house, or you line your sidewalk with luminaries, or you have a blow-up snowman.

Anyone can vote, whether they live in the neighborhood or not, and voting will commence online December 10th and will conclude December 18th.

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