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    The risk of being burglarized can be greatly reduced by taking simple steps to make your home more difficult to enter and less enticing to would-be burglars.
    Some of the best steps to help prevent burglaries include:
    Light, Time and Noise.

    Burglars do not like to work in well-lit areas because the chance of being seen or caught is much higher than working in the dark or out of sight.

    • Make sure that exterior lights are mounted out of reach, so that burglars can't easily unscrew bulbs.
    • Consider buying Dawn-to-Dusk motion-sensitive lights, which are now available at relatively low prices.
    • Use variable timers to activate lights and radios/TVs inside your home.
    • Trim trees and shrubs near doors and windows so burglars can't hide in the shadows.

    Make it time-consuming for a burglar to break into your home by:

    •  Installing deadbolt locks on all exterior doors, and using them…!
    • Installing double key locks in doors which contain glass. This will keep a burglar from being able to open the door simply by breaking the glass and reaching through. (Note: so that everyone in the house can get out in the event of a fire, be sure to keep the key in a previously designated place with easy access to all family members).
    • Placing additional locks on all windows and patio doors.


    • If you and the people in your household are ready, have the time and can afford it, get a dog, especially from a shelter. Remember, you don't need a large attack dog; even a small dog creates a disturbance that intruders would prefer to avoid.
    • Consider having someone care for your dog(s) in your home while you're away, instead of boarding them.
    • If you can afford it, install an alarm system that will alert neighbors of a burglar's presence. Most systems can even summon local police directly.
    • Remember to keep the code to your system safe and updated, and most important: Use it…!

    Other Tips to help you prevent Break-ins

    • Think like a burglar. "Case" your home the way a burglar would and look for easy ways to enter your home.
    • Be sure valuables such as guns, electronic devices and artwork are not visible from the street.
    • Be sure to lock up ladders and tools which could be used to break into your home.
    • Work together with your neighbors. Organize a Neighborhood Crime Watch and let your neighbors know when you will be away for an extended period of time.
    • While on vacation, have someone pick up your newspapers and mail, so that they do not accumulate and alert burglars of your absence.
    • Display your house number clearly and have it well illuminated. This will help police and emergency personnel find your home quickly when necessary.

    Just in case…
    Sometimes, all your efforts won't stop a determined burglar. It's wise to take some precautions that will help you get your property back should a criminal successfully break into your home:
    •  Make an inventory list of your belongings (be sure to keep receipts, especially for expensive items like jewelry, electronics, computers and tools). Be sure to update this list periodically.
    • Keep copies of your inventory list and receipts in a safe deposit box or send it as an attachment to your own email address. (This is important in the event of a house fire or flood)
    • Photographing and/or videotaping your possessions are convenient ways to keep a record of what you own.
    • Engrave your valuables with a personal identification to deter burglary and to prove ownership should the article be stolen and recovered by the police.

    Be sure you have the right insurance coverage if you can afford it. You may need to purchase additional coverage to protect special items like jewelry, rare antiques or expensive items.

    If you don't own your home, consider buying a renter's insurance policy. Your Landlord will generally not be responsible for your possessions. Rental coverage is available at competitive rates and these policies also offer important protection against liability and losses due to fire or storm damage.

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