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The I-65/I-70 North Split is being reconstructed in Downtown Indianapolis. INDOT has announced plans that will deeply impact historic neighborhoods and potentially harm our city's beauty, livability, and transport. The current plan will result in more concrete, the loss of trees, more pollution, noise, and a decline in livability and property values along our major downtown freeway thoroughfare.

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The Old Northside is a neighborhood just north of downtown Indianapolis that encompasses a geographic district with a rich historical past and a thriving 21st century community of neighbors.

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  • 16th Street on the North
  • Pennsylvania Street on the West
  • Interstate I-65 on the South
  • Bellefontaine Street on the East
The Monon Trail borders the east edge of The Frank and Judy O'Bannon Old Northside Soccer Park.

Our neighborhood participates in HUNI (Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis), an advocacy group supporting the preservation, revitalization and interests of Indy’s local historic neighborhoods. HUNI’s website (HUNIIndy.org) provides a portal to access quick links to other local historic neighborhoods, city-wide or state-wide events open to the general public—such as the Historic Neighborhood Walking Tours, home tours, garage sales, and lectures. Additionally, the site also shares information to assist homeowners in researching the history of their home, Indiana Landmarks Top 10 Indiana Endangered List and news articles, such as the recent controversy over electronic billboards.  

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